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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Mothers for Justice

Welcome to Mothers for Justice

We are the campaigning 'voice' for everyone who has suffered an injustice with the corrupt judiciary system.

We endeavor, through our campaigns to bring out into the open the appalling number of injustices (particularly) those relating to child access issues.

Mothers protecting their children from violent, abusive fathers are being imprisoned. Residency is then switched to the perpentrator in order to appease the government with no thought to the child's welfare or needs.

An ANY Dad is better than no Dad policy be he a paedophile or violent at any cost prevails.

Our serious concerns regarding our children's welfare is not being addressed. Courts are putting our children in extremely dangerous situations daily, we will not tolerate this abuse any longer. Please join us in our fight for justice.

Saturday 14 January 2012

Recommend Solicitors who are DV aware

Hi everyone
If you have received good legal advice from a solicitor who has had domestic abuse training please post their details on my forum so that others in their area will be able to contact them. Unfortunately I cannot invite you to name and shame the rubbish ones in case they sue me! However when THIS list becomes established it could encourage them to improve so that we can include them!