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Sunday 29 July 2012

A contribution which came too late for the new book

I will post all contributions which came too late for the book on my blog.
Hi Pat,
this may be of interest for your new book...
Alice, my 6 year old daughter, 11 months after leaving the dominator household, was playing with her dolls house. Firstly she said 'and the mummy gets up to look after the children and the daddy stays in bed'. I was mortified that she had this blue print for her future relationships fixed so firmly. Children learn what they live. I am trying to teach her subtly that she deserves respect and friendships and partnerships should be respectful and fair.
My son has been very mixed up, initially after we left the dominator household, his mood brightened considerably and then he became troubled again and was getting messages from his father that 'he should be naughty and make mummy cry' and 'not to like grandma and granddad cos they dont like daddy anymore'. Although my relationship with their father was abusive, he wasn’t violent towards me and the children still have contact with him. Although they are now free from him most of the time, the effects of the abusive relationship continues. He favours my son who is more susceptible to his coercion and ignores my daughter who will tell him very sagely that he is doing wrong (asking them to lie to me etc). This has resulted in my daughter not wanting to stay over (and his new partner’s daughter has moved into her bedroom - so she feels replaced). Alice went through a large spell of nosebleeds and was picking her nose constantly. I believe this to be a stress reflex.

If this is useful and you want any further info, let me know

Saturday 28 July 2012


The online course will now not be available until 03.08.12. Sorry for delay everyone.


All my publications reflect the reality of domestic abuse through the language and content. If you are offended by swearing DO NOT BUY THEM.

Friday 27 July 2012

Freedom Programme on line

The entire Freedom Programme is now available to buy on line from my web site in a language of your choice. It is a combination of ‘Living with the Dominator’ and the ‘Home Study Course’. The translation is automatic so I recommend that potential purchasers look at the sample sessions on my web site before buying.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Visually impaired people can now listen to Living with the

Visually impaired people can now listen to Living with the Dominator and the Home Study Course on KINDLE TOUCH

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Monday 23 July 2012

Child Protection Training

Freedom Programme Child Protection Training is now available.
Visit the web site for more information.

Sunday 22 July 2012

International book sales

‘Living with the Dominator’ and the 'Home Study Course' are for sale on Amazon in nearly every country apart from China for some reason.

International 'Kindle Touch'

By 24.07.12 ‘Living with the Dominator’ and the 'Home Study Course' will be available on ‘Kindle Touch’. Includes text to speech and translations in to Spanish, Japanese, French, German’ and Brazilian Portuguese.

Friday 13 July 2012

The effects of abuse on children.

The effects of abuse on children.
I am writing a new book about how children are affected by living with a dominator.
I have received many contributions which I will include anonymously. I welcome more if any of you want to e mail me with your stories.  Here is an example;

Remember mummy when dad used to play the banister game. He would take us to the top of the stairs and hold us over the banister, dangling us, you used to scream and cry and tell him to stop but he wouldn’t. OUR LIVES ARE SO MUCH BETTER NOW MUMMY.