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Monday 31 October 2011

The Freedom Programme goes Online

The Freedom Programme is now online. Follow this link to read all about it.

The Author is Thelma Etim
Freelance Journalist
Co-editor, Women's Views on News

The online Freedom Programme can be accessed on the Onespace website

"I'm Trapped" by Cameron Baird

Actor, lyricist, composer, musician and singer Cameron Baird, is currently on tour with Certain Curtain Theatre Company's original production of 'Mockingbird High', playing the character of 'Boy'. The play shows a shocking, but truthful and powerful performance about a mother and two children who are affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Cameron says "My lyrics for the song have been influenced by reading 'Living with the Dominator' as research and stories I have heard during Domestic Violence and Abuse workshops when performing with Certain Curtain. This had a strong message which gave me the inspiration to write the lyrics for the song. All areas of performing including the scripts, songs and poetry are ways of storytelling. That is why I feel that as an actor and songwriter I am making a difference. These stories must come alive, because Domestic Violence and Abuse are not fiction but truth".

To see the video, please click this link

Thursday 27 October 2011

Evaluation “ Introduction to Home Study Guide October 2011”

Trainer Cheryl Bowen
Evaluation “ Introduction to Home Study Guide October 2011”

Q. How useful do you think this training will be in your work role?
“Extremely useful. It has enhanced my knowledge and understanding of how an abuser operates.”
“This training has helped me to improve my skills when working with victims of domestic abuse”
“Very useful”
“Completely useful as it will enable me to offer one to one support to women in refuge who can’t attend the groups.”
“Very useful to have this training on how to use the books.”
“Really useful to enable me to work with women on a 1-1 basis”
“Very relevant to my role – I am a front line person and regularly talk to women about domestic abuse.”
“Having completed the training to become a facilitator in 2005 this was an excellent refresher and useful to work with women who are unable to attend groups.”
“I feel able now to use this book with my service users.”
“Excellent for women who don’t have the confidence to go to the groups.”
“Very useful to help women recognise domestic abuse”
“It has enhanced my knowledge and given me an excellent tool to use”
“Fully useful”
Do you feel that the Freedom Programme is useful to your service users and why?
“Excellent tool for raising awareness “
“Helps women identify the characteristics of the abuser and understand what is happening.”
“The women who attend Freedom programme have a better understanding of what they have experienced and are stronger for future relationships.”
“Helps a woman to understand power and control”
“It enables service users to identify abusive behaviour”
“They can relate the dominator to their own experience and realise they are not alone”
“They can identify traits in new relationships”
“They can gain strength from the content and from meeting other women in similar circumstances.”

Wednesday 26 October 2011


Comments on recent news
Chinese toddler left for dead in hit-and-run crash dies
For decades the Chinese government have insisted that every family could have only one child. This led to girl children being dumped in orphanages at best. Clearly the drivers who ran over the child saw her as expendable vermin!
Policeman Sacked Over Bungling 999 Calls | LBC

Most of the calls mentioned on the radio report were from women!

Centuries-Old Rule Could Change, Allowing First-Born Royal Children to inherit the throne if they are girls.
The law as it stands allows boys to succeed to the British throne even if the eldest child is a girl.

Saturday 22 October 2011

Do you want to tell your story?

I work very closely with Thelma who has written some excellent articles on domestic abuse and the Freedom Programme. If you want to have your story told you can contact her.

Thelma Etim

Freelance Journalist

Co-editor, Women's Views on News
Sent from my iPhone 07958567416
Thelma says:

I have 18 years experience as a news and current affairs journalist in print and online - which includes eight years writing for the BBC News website.
I am interested in writing in-depth news features/ features for newspapers and magazines about women who have suffered abuse.
In some cases, it is possible to remain anonymous but most magazines usually want pictures so you must be prepared to be photographed as well.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday 15 October 2011


Many women print the Dominator and Mr Right graphics. They then put them on the fridge door. When the children use a tactic of the Dominator it is helpful to show them the graphic and ask them to identify which aspect of the Dominator they have just used.

Friday 7 October 2011

Law students to complete the Freedom Programme

Angela Jouanneau Lecturer/Tutor GDL & LLB
Is providing the Freedom Programme for her students at BPP University,
Waterloo SE1 9NN. The programme starts on 24.10.11. This means we will have a generation of Freedom aware lawyers.