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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Feedback from Facilitator Training in Oxfordshire September 2015

Amazing training, thank you.
I was a little apprehensive at the start, not quite knowing what to expect….. however you delivered the course with such passion and feeling that I became so engrossed I didn’t want to leave! (It was also nice not having to be pc)
Being “in role” is a fantastic way to work through the book as it really brings the effects home.
I am planning on delivering a course early next year, if not before, and I can’t wait to do it!
Thank you!

Huge thanks to Pat the training was amazing and I have taken lots away from it and feel very inspired to now go out and deliver the programme.
 Best training I have attended in a long time.

It was an amazing few days. Pat we love you.

Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic 3 days on the Freedom Programme Training, I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot away from it and cannot wait to run a programme. I can honestly say it is the best training I have ever been on! Your delivery style is second to none which made it engaging and fun.

Saturday 6 September 2014

I should have stayed quiet for Mum & Dad’s sake

As I walked in the house, all the faces were new
They smiled at me and the dog came in view
Then they sat themselves down in what they called the lounge,
With pictures of children and family around.
They speak of my Mum and my Dad and my Nan,
They speak like they think that they know who I am,
It’s private, my life but they talk on an on,
She tells them of all of the things I’ve done wrong.
I didn’t ask to be here but they tell me the rules,
They tell me they’re firm and will be no fools,
So I look at my lap, and turn off from their voices,
Then they mention some more about me having choices.
The dog still looks happy so I stroke on his head,
The life of a dog would be better I said,
They looked at me then and they squinted their eyes,
The fact that I spoke must have been a surprise.
I won’t say anymore, I don’t know what they’re thinking
I hide tears in my eyes by repeatedly blinking,
I’m sorry for Mum and I hope she’s alright,
I hope that my parents will not start to fight.
The worker stands up and says she must head,
But before she must leave we must go see my bed,
So we go on upstairs and walk into “my space”,
“Made up for a boy” but that isn’t the case,
It isn’t my room and I’m feeling so numb,
The house looks quite nice but it’s not got my Mum.
The worker then goes and I’m there by myself,
I stay in my room and put things on my shelf,
I think of my school, and my friends and my Nan,
I think who would care if I turned round and ran.
I think I got it wrong and have made a mistake,
I should have stayed quiet for Mum & Dad’s sake,
And now they are sad, so I breathe with a sigh,
I can’t hold it back and I’m starting to cry.
But Liz hears the sound and she comes up to see,
She doesn’t say much but she holds onto me,
She ushers me down and offers me food,
I’m not really hungry but don’t want to be rude,
The fridge is so full there’s so much to choose,
And plates and the bowls and glasses to use.
I end up with some toast which slowly I pick,
My chest’s feeling tight and I’m still feeling sick,
But Dave makes me chocolate, places down with a grin,
He tells me I’m safe and will want for nothing,
I don’t really believe, because I’ve never felt safe,
But for the moment at least, I might like this place.
Written by Tim McArdle – UK Fostering – with experience of placing over 1500 children over 12 years.
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Thursday 4 September 2014

"real training for a real course" Feedback from facilitator training in Wirral.

Wirral Training Feedback

Very interesting course, looking forward to delivering the programme.  Facilitator lovely very knowledgeable. Liked the way facilitator brought bits of her experience into the sessions.  

Was an eye opener. Nice to get together with other professionals. Good knowledgeable trainer. Enjoyable. Will use this in programmes and on 1-1 basis in client’s homes. 

I found the training valuable both personally and professionally. My views on society stereotypes have come into question. Valuable insights on warning signs. Looking forward to delivering and also sharing the information with my daughters as they mature.

The training was enjoyable. Interesting to learn different tactics of dominator and gain insight into effects on children.  Group work mixed with case stories/examples from Chris were a good balance.  Would recommend to colleagues. 

Fantastic training Chris was brill, made it fun and knew here stuff. Loved the course and really looking forward to running it. 
I think every professional working with children and families should have knowledge of the programme and its content.

Thank you for the training it wasn’t a boring sit in front of a power point training. I felt it was real training for a real course. Chris was approachable and down to earth. I enjoyed learning about the freedom programme and I look forward to running it. I hopefully will make a difference to the families in Birkenhead. 

Enjoyed the three days very much. Have wanted to attend this training for a few years and this is my first opportunity. Valuable training experience. Better able to help and support the mums and families that I work with. 

Fabulous training, I have learned valuable information. Tutor relaxed and doesn’t put you under pressure (like some courses) Really enjoyed this training. Would like to observe “How Hard can It Be” Thank you.

Enjoyable three days. I found the practice running a session very useful and supportive.  Look forward to putting what I have learned into practice and supporting families who may be in an abusive situation. I feel the course will empower families and allow them to help themselves. 

Really nice feel to the training group.  Chris ran it at a good pace with plenty of pause for though and opportunities for questions along the way. Chris had good knowledge of the programme and was confident in her delivery. A really excellent three days which have opened my eyes and helped me understand issues from men, women and children’s perspectives. 

This training has been powerful, lots to take in. I look forward to using my training and helping others. The training was delivered in a good relaxed way and was explored really well.  Thank you so much. 

Totally raised my awareness with regards to tactics especially subtle/early warning signs. Trainer very knowledgeable, felt relaxed and comfortable and able to participate without being nervous. 

Great training very informative, good resources, great facilitator, lots of information given during the sessions. Group work was good, I liked moving into different groups getting different people’s opinions. Thank you Chris I can wait to deliver the programme and start supporting women. 
Useful course, feel more confident about running a programme. I would like further training to facilitate a men’s programme and how to respond to situations that may arise. Would appreciate observing one. I feel the dynamics would be very different, especially with partners present. 

Informative and useful training that was engaging and had a good amount of participation for the leaners. I feel confident to deliver the programme now, thanks to the practice session and interesting questions from colleagues.  Chris was great and gave lots of practical advice for running the programmes.