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Sunday 9 October 2016

Feedback from Kent facilitator training Clare Walker Cathy Press

  • Cathy & Clare were excellent trainers and both highly knowledgeable
    and experienced in domestic abuse. They gave numerous examples of
    ‘real life’ situations of domestic abuse which were very powerful. The
    activities and exercises too were equally powerful.
    Christina Brown, NSDAS
    Interesting, informative, entertaining facilitators made the course
    relaxed. It was a good pace.
    Alex Salmon, Home Start
    Fantastic! Really good for identifying the different personas of a
    dominator and what these involve. I feel more confident about
    delivering the Freedom Programme to women in our area.
    Becki Smith, Earlham Early Yrs Centre
    I would recommend anyone to come on this training, especially if your
    job was working with vulnerable adults. I would say it can touch your
    heart, but well worth doing.
    Julie Taylor, Community Outreach Officer, Rochester
    Very informative. A great course to attend. Eye opening.
    Dawn Foley, Saxon Way CC, Gillingham
    Training set at a good pace, clear and very interesting. Challenging and
    pushing me out of my comfort zone. Trainer was approachable,
    professional and animated which kept us all going.
    Debbie Klucznic, Hand in Hand CC, Gillingham
    The course is empowering, giving practitioners the tools to enable
    mothers who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. It
    helps to identify the different aspects of the dominator, their tactics and
    beliefs which is a different approach to look at perpetrators of domestic
    Asibi Charles, Family Support Worker, Greenwich
    Course is useful, eye-opening, shocking, sad, vital – confidence
    boosting – fun!
    Julie Sawford, FSP, Rayleigh
    Great training. Thank you.
    Kate Lawrence, Chief Executive, Home Start, East Sussex
    Intense, emotional – everyone should do the training working in
    professional or non-professional fields who work with families/children.
    Would definitely recommend to work mates/friends.
    Emma Pattman, East Kent Rape Line
  • Great training. Has opened my eyes. Have recommended to two friends
    Tracy Hyham, Castle Hill Primary Sch: Folkestone
    Valuable learning, very well structured, empowering for ongoing
    representation of the programme.
    Cassandra Rose, Benenden Primary Sch
    Very full on, engaging, interactive, informative & educational. Makes
    me think about my own strengths, weaknesses, excuses etc. Can’t wait
    to get going!!
    Jan Baugh, FSW, Rayleigh
    The training was extremely well delivered, working through the
    personas and so preparing us facilitators to deliver it – this is definitely
    needed as when new to Freedom Programme the various personas of
    the dominator can blur a little.
    Sarah Jarvis, Co-ordinator, Home Start, East Sussex
    Has deepened my knowledge about domestic abuse and will be
    invaluable in my work with families who have complex needs.
    Mel Kirk, CC Manager, Gillingham
    Excellent training. Very informative.
    Nicola Davies, Home Start, Greenwich
    Excellent 3 day intensive training, which was powerful and encouraging
    that there is support for victims of DA.
    Amanda Stent, Wharf CC
    Learning the content of the Freedom Programme is invaluable on both
    a personal and professional level. I would encourage and recommend
    anyone and everyone to get themselves educated about the profile of
    ‘The Dominator’.
    Claire Boyle, Therapist, East Sussex
    Intense, candid, no nonsense approach to understanding and using
    information related to domestic abuse. Delivered in a friendly, patient
    and straightforward way.
    Sara Hammond Manager, ISW Company
    Excellent training and I would recommend the training.
    Andrea Baker, Nursery Manager, Hythe
    Programme is really good at explaining the different elements of
    recognizing an abuser. Really easy to follow and very interesting!
    Michelle Earls, FSP, Mulberry Park CC, London
  • Amazing training - giving me tools and guidance in how to support
    women. Giving me a better understanding of the subject. What women
    need to be aware of and encouraging me to reflect on my own practice.
    Karen Harper, CCC Manager, Rochester
    Informative, thought provoking & inspiring three days. Enthusiastic,
    supportive and inspiring trainers. I feel ready to deliver!
    Sarah Powley, Snr: Advisor, Children’s Centres, Chatham
    A very important training for all.
    Esther Alagiki, Choices DA Service, Dartford
    Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Jo Smith-Miles, Family Group Facilitator, Home Start, Greenwich
    Very informative – delivers a good understanding of how the
    perpetrator operates and how the victim is affected. Facilitator had a
    very good style and delivers the course in an understanding way.
    Cheryl Gamble, Community Outreach Officer, Stroo