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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Online weekly tutorial

I am inviting anyone who is working their way through the Home Study Course to join an on line weekly tutorial to discuss each section. This is in the discussion forum. Please describe what you have learned and share your reactions. We are now on section 3. Next week we will move on to Section 4. I will move the topic to a new section every week and then start the whole process again for new students to join in. No one has posted anything yet but I will keep doing this in case anyone does.

At the beginning of July I joined the last session of the Freedom Programme with Brecknock Women's Aid. It was great to meet all the women and they really inspired me. They all had been given 'Living with the Dominator' and the 'Home Study' so later on I sent a message to them via the staff asking them to review it on Amazon.
Last week I ran a 3 day training event in South Shields and met some superb people. We had lots of fun and of course the play 'Lady in Red' was great as usual.

Whenever I run a training event or give a speech I try to get the message across that if I am a woman in an abusive relationship it does not mean that I am stupid, poor or an alcoholic! Can I also remind everyone that I do not want anyone on the training who does not understand the programme. If anyone tells me they are 'struggling' I will ask them to leave. Such people make judgmental remarks which distress the other trainees. Part of my function as a trainer is to protect all the survivors who are training to facilitate the programme.