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Monday 31 October 2011

"I'm Trapped" by Cameron Baird

Actor, lyricist, composer, musician and singer Cameron Baird, is currently on tour with Certain Curtain Theatre Company's original production of 'Mockingbird High', playing the character of 'Boy'. The play shows a shocking, but truthful and powerful performance about a mother and two children who are affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Cameron says "My lyrics for the song have been influenced by reading 'Living with the Dominator' as research and stories I have heard during Domestic Violence and Abuse workshops when performing with Certain Curtain. This had a strong message which gave me the inspiration to write the lyrics for the song. All areas of performing including the scripts, songs and poetry are ways of storytelling. That is why I feel that as an actor and songwriter I am making a difference. These stories must come alive, because Domestic Violence and Abuse are not fiction but truth".

To see the video, please click this link