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Wednesday 1 August 2012

On line programme

About 2 years ago a woman in the Scottish Highlands telephoned me. She was an American university lecturer. Her Scottish Dominator persuaded her to join him in his home in the mountains and she them became a virtual prisoner. He allowed her to go to the library for 2 hours a week to change his library books. She phoned me from there. I posted ‘Living with the Dominator’ to the library. I then realised that I needed to make the Freedom Programme accessible to all women in her position. I have also been contacted by women who had asked their social workers to help them to join the Freedom Programme only to be told that they were not ‘ready’ to join. I wrote the ‘Home Study Course’ to reach all women in their position and now I have the on line programme. I am delighted that I can now offer choices to all women whose lives may be saved.