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Friday 5 October 2012

Finally free!!!

Dear Pat,

Firstly I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the Freedom Programme, it has changed my life. I had already left my husband when the police officer dealing with my case suggested your programme. I was struggling with guilt at this poor man that seemed full of remorse after beating up my son in December 2009. It was close to the first court case and, after months of stalking and harassment, he was finally jailed for breaking his bail conditions. He had sent a 19 page letter to my friends. They were amazing. Most of them were there when he broke my jaw several years previous and all relieved that I had the guts to remove him from MY house. It took him beating up my son to give me the strength to stay away. For some reason he justified it whenever I was on the receiving end, but I could not forgive him for hurting my son.

I am almost divorced from him. As I work I have to pay for court fees etc and couldn't afford them, so he is divorcing me. Am sure he is very happy at that because it proves he was wronged by me. I just want the final part of my life back. He gets legal aid as he is not working and spent several times and many months in prison. Hmmmm! My solicitor has managed to get most police reports / hospital reports into the divorce as we are currently waiting for the financial hearing (17th October) He expects a huge amount of money from me. He omitted the damage he caused to MY house (bought by me years before I met him, he controlled the finances and left me in debt.)

Anyway, I am sending this to you in case you can use it. If it helps just one woman change her life, then that is brilliant. My cup is more than half full, I have amazing friends / family and just about to start a fantastic new job. I am still single, 3 years on, but that is my choice. If I see the warning signs I run in the opposite direction. I have also been working on me, finding out who I am, what I like and, most importantly for me, being the mum I knew I always was. I have 4 amazing children between the ages of 16 and 23. I am so proud because it could have been horrible for them but we have had nearly 3 years of giggles, laughter, fun, love and happiness. Its been a struggle at times but thats life!

Love and happiness to all