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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Children returned from care thanks to WAVE Freedom Programme

I commend WAVE for the way they have used the Freedom Programme. I am also delighted that they now have a presence in the Family Court. I wish everyone who completed my training made such effective use of it and could provide such concrete evidence of their success in the area of child protection. I hope that this excellent project continues to receive the funding they need to continue to provide this vital service. 

Louise Casey says she helps a'troubled family' for £4000.00. WAVE charges nothing!

Freedom Programme Evaluation from WAVE DV Centre between June and November 2012.
62 women were referred to the WAVE Freedom Programme. 48 women completed the programme.  
16 of them had children in the care of the local authority.
28 of those children were subject to child projection plans and described as in need of safeguarding. (This was formerly known as the ‘at risk register’)
37 of the women who started the programme reported that they suffered from depression.
24 of those women were taking prescribed anti depressants.
After completing the programme only 4 of the women still had children who remained in care.
12 of them still had children who were subject to child protection plans.
15 women now reported that they were depressed.
12 women were still taking prescribed anti depressants.
As a result of attending the Freedom Programme at the WAVE DV Centre:
12  out of 16 women had their children returned from care.
16  out of 28 women had their children’s names removed from the child protection plans.
25 out of 37 women said they no longer suffered from depression.
12 out of 24 women were no longer taking anti depressants.