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Friday 28 June 2013

Men who want to become nicer men.

I have arranged to provide a weekend for men who want to become nicer men. If enough people enroll it will be held in Wigan in November. Otherwise it will be in April 2014. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 
There will be no charge but every man who attends must bring a copy of ‘Living with the Dominator’ and a completed copy of ‘How Hard Can it Be...? the Home Study Course for men. 

If a man is in a relationship I will not accept him on to the course unless he attends with his partner. She must also read the book ‘Living With the Dominator’ and bring it with a completed copy of the ‘Home Study Course for Women’ with her to the event. This means that everyone who attends must bring both books to use within the course. The online programme will not suffice. 

If you wish to add your name to the list please email or text me with both of your names. Do not telephone. When the event is confirmed I will message you with the address of the venue. The timetable is printed below on this blog. 

These strict rules apply.
Sometimes even though enough people have booked  places occasionally they do not all attend. I will not go ahead on the day if I do not have enough. Please make sure you understand this as some of you travel from abroad. 
No one is allowed to discuss any personal information during the course.
All mobile phones must be switched off. 
Anyone who does not behave in a pleasant, good humored and cooperative manner will be instructed to leave. 
I do not issue certificates and never write reports for courts or any other agencies. 

Day 1
9.15. a.m Arrival and coffee. 
9.30. a.m.Introduction to the Freedom Programme. 
11.00.a.m.Coffee break
11.15.a.m.The Bully
1.00.p.m. Lunch 

1.45.p.m. Aspects of the Dominator. The Persuader, Headworker, Badfather, King of the Castle and Jailer. 
3.00.p.m. Tea 
3.15 p.m. Aspects of the Dominator continued
5.00.p.m. Finish

Day 2.
9.30.a.m. The Sexual Controller
11.00.a.m. Coffee break
11.15. The Effects of Abuse on Children
1.00.p.m. Lunch
1.45. The Liar
3.00 Tea
3.15 The Liar continued
4.30.p.m. Finish