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Thursday 3 October 2013

The Wigan Model A child protection success

The Wigan Model
A child protection success 

What is it?
A group of agencies working together to provide in an integrated coordinated intervention for families where children are endangered by exposure to domestic violence. 

What is the aim?
To educate and empower the mother so she can make informed decisions about her situation and that of the children. 

How does it work?

WAVE DV Centre in Wigan provide the Freedom Programme to any woman who needs support and information about domestic abuse. Most women who are being abused do not know what is happening to them and have no idea hew it is affecting their children. A recent study showed the 12 out of 16 women who attended the programme had their children returned from the care of the local authority.

Which agencies are involved?
The family courts refer women to the Freedom Programme. There are representatives from WAVE DV in court to support women who are known to them and to provide a pathway to the Freedom Programme from the courts for others. 
Social Care also refer women to the Freedom Programme. They instruct them to attend as part of the care plan. 
Local solicitors are also involved. 

Training and awareness raising. 
WAVE DV Centre provide brief introduction training events to 
judges, solicitors, social workers and NHS staff so they understand what the Freedom Programme offers. These professionals are provided with books to use one to one with their service users so they can spread the information. They also provide training to facilitate the Freedom Programme. 

WAVE now provide weekends for men who want to stop being abusive.