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Friday 21 February 2014

Ofsted report on Merseyside Freedom Programme

Ofsted awarded this programme 'Outstanding'!

Recent feedback
'The Freedom program is still going strong in our area  and we have had tremendous success from women who have been through the program and moved on to volunteering or for some into paid work or training. Recently we had an Ofsted inspection and this is what they had to say about the Freedom program and the women they spoke to:

'Work with victims of domestic abuse is exceptional. Participants in the ‘Freedom’ programme are supported and nurtured by highly skilled staff. Past participants of the programme are free to re-visit whenever they feel they need to and this is made all the more possible because it is a rolling programme with a set day and time. Women have made such significant progress that they have been empowered to speak to audiences of student social workers at a university and they have given feedback to police about how their treatment by the police affected them when they were at their most vulnerable.'