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Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Programme for Young People

Help young people get relationship smart!

Escape the TRAP has been developed in acknowledgement of the rising numbers of young people identified as being vulnerable to teenage relationship abuse. There is now a wealth of statistics focused on the prevalence of teenage relationship abuse and itsimpact on the wellbeing and mental health of young people, particularly girls, who find themselves victims of such coercion and control. 

Escape the Trap, is a new eight week programme for young people which aims to uncover the reality of teenage relationship abuse and support those experiencing such coercion and control, to identify their partners behaviour and navigate their way to making healthier relationship choices. There is a strong emphasis on sexual coercion and the use of social media and how such experiences can make young people feel about themselves.

Developed specifically for young people
Designed for groups or one to one
Adaptable to run in any youth setting
Accompanied by the Escape the Trap Workbook
Led by trained facilitators

Escape the Trap is a simple, straightforward and accessible group programme, useful to practitioners working in schools, PRUs, youth offending, therapeutic services, young peoples support services including teenage mothers, 12+ integrated teams and specialist domestic abuse services. It can also be used one to one with the accompanying workbook.

Part of Escape the TRAP has been adapted from The Freedom Programme and Pat Craven has encouraged and supported the development of this programme for young people.

If you are an experienced Freedom Programme facilitator, you can attend a one-day training in Escape the Trap. Non Freedom Programme trained practitioners are required to do a three-day training.

Cathy Press has 17 years experience working as a therapist, clinical supervisor and trainer specializing in domestic and sexual abuse related issues. Cathy runs facilitator training in Escape the Trap and Whos in Charge? and has been a Freedom Programme facilitator Trainer for 10 years.

Contact Cathy for further details got to:

Email:    or    M: 07966 592632