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Friday 20 June 2014

In our Hearts

‘In our hearts’ is a book written for and by mothers who live apart from their children within our project in Kirklees, WomenCentre. It is also a fantastic tool for anyone working with families whose children are not living with them or at risk of separation.

‘Throughout history, mothers who live apart from their children have faced harsh judgement in Western Society. Clouded in shame, the story of a mother apart is often marginalised behind that of the child/children they have left behind; surrounded by myth and a reluctance to recognise the factors which led to a mother’s separation from her children.
Within the groups at WomenCentre, an important aspect of work is mothers apart are able to acknowledge they are not alone; that what they feel is natural for the extreme circumstances they find themselves in.
In Our Hearts gives the chance for mothers to be heard in their own words and contains a mix of stories and artwork which remind the reader of her strength, resilience and creativity.
In Our Hearts is not a text book but the open and honest experiences of initial separation, court proceedings, relationships with services; of mothers who have been able to have children returned to their care or contact increased, mothers who have no current contact at all and those for whom contact will remain limited, have the versatility of being an aid and guide to learning for parents, families and professionals working in the protection of children.’

These books will be available to buy in September and will be launched at the University of Huddersfield in the Autumn. If you would like an opportunity to place an advance order please contact us by  email  on If you have any questions about the book please make contact with Siobhan Beckwith on .