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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Freedom Programme Charitable Trust

The Freedom Programme Charitable Trust 
We are a charity in Leigh Lancs which provides free sessions of the Freedom Programme to 40 women a week. We also provide a free 2 day programme for men who want to become nicer men. We have a 24 hour help line and help desk. We provide introduction to the Freedom Sessions to  15 yr old school boys and girls in schools. Our volunteers are there to help in the Family Courts.

The Charity is funded by sales of :

The Freedom Programme Facilitator three day training events. 

The  Freedom Programme online.

Mr Right/Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets. 

'Freedoms Flowers' a book about the effects of abuse on children. 

'Living with the Dominator' a book which explains male abuse to women and children. 
'The Freedom Programme Home Study Course' in book form.

'How Hard Can it Be..?' A Home Study Course in form in book form for men.

All books are available worldwide from Amazon. 
We are unique in that we do not apply for Local Authority funding.