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Friday 1 August 2014

Feedback from Facilitator Training Northants Women's Aid



“What would you tell a friend or colleague about this training?”;
Interesting, informative & exhausting. Good explanation about beliefs behaviour & tactics of the dominator
Teachers Assistant
An amazing programme that makes you aware of the different forms of abuse & constructively look at how to deal with a situation and survive!
DAP Worker
I gained an understanding of the abuse, tactics & the affects. It is a complete programme that supports women to understand the men they live with. This enables them to make informed decisions about their futures.
Social Worker
The Freedom Programme training is absolutely fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone, regardless as to whether they have been in an abusive relationship or not. Clare you are a wealth of knowledge & experience. The delivery of the training was brilliant!! Thank you
Advice Worker
An insightful, well designed course for anyone working with or supporting families enduring domestic abuse (even if you think they’ve seen it, done it & got the t-shirt!) It puts everything into perspective. I would highly recommend this training.
DAP Worker
Be prepared to be exhausted. Be mindful of the Mr Right & Mr Wrong men out there. Be prepared to recognise certain traits in men you know!
Family Support Worker
That it is an excellent opportunity. It is very emotive & informative. I feel that it was a rollercoaster & supported me to recognise that ‘this’ is what individuals will bring to attending the programme. And that they live with a lot of complexity/fear/abuse & how brave of them to have taken the 1st step in to the room.
The strong importance of taking/respecting the pace of others.
Centre Social Worker
I would encourage them to try & attend themselves. Very interesting & worth while to attend in person, rather than just reading the book as you gain a greater

understanding of the programme from the facilitator & you learn how to facilitate it yourself.
Refuge Support Worker
Every women should have the opportunity to attend this training. Excellent training & an amazing facilitator.
DAP Worker
Training is interesting & educating.
DAP Worker
Clare was open & friendly during the 3 day course; training will further add to knowledge on domestic abuse & the effects on victims & their families. I would encourage any staff member to come on it, as knowledge is power!
Domestic Abuse Practitioner
Helps to focus on understanding what the impact is for women & children & how difficult it is for women to step away from the situation. It is not just the course, women & children need ongoing support.
Head of Family Support
It will give you a better understanding regarding the different persona’s of the dominator. Enables you to recognise early signs of a new partner. And clarifies the effects it has on children which I did not fully understand before.
Family Support Worker
The training really goes indepth into the Dominator & all the effects of his behaviour. I feel very well equipped to deliver the programme. It has been a very emotional & uplifting 3 days. Thankyou very much Clare, fantastic facilitator!
Domestic Abuse Prevention Worker