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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Feedback from men's programme 13/14 October Thank you Chris Ashton

Men and partners wrote:

My god what can I say, life changing/attitude changing. I will change and will carry on reading. Learned so much about myself

Although the programme was only two days long it was intense. It was well demonstrated and open my eyes as to my beliefs. I know I can be a better man and benefit from what I have learned.

I am pleased and honoured to be allowed to do this programme. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot about my manners. Thank you very much to the very brave lady Chris who was superb.

I'm happy I attended the course I learned a lot about how I impact on my children and how that shapes their lives. Looking at this was very distressing I did not know how painful emotionally this could be for them. I will be withdrawing my application for residency of the children from court their mother is an excellent mother and I will support her.

This course opens your mind.Chris was brilliant and helpful. It has been great I would definately recommend to other men.

The course was interesting gave lots of time for discussion around the men over women agenda. I didn't know what I was doing was abusive but I have been abusive to my partners.

I think the programme is very good. It has taught me and made me understand a lot about how I have been putting so much pressure on to my family without me knowing what I was doing. I will go from here and be able to be a better father and partner. I really couldn't believe there was a part of me and what I've done in this book. It is my time to change

Many thanks for this programme. You were very honest and didn't hold back on the impact of my behaviour. It was a hard thing to be faced with very upsetting, but nothing compared to what I put my wife through. It was a shock when I saw images of me reflected back.

It was a good course. I learned a lot about relationships and how adults behaviour affects all the family

Thanks for delivering such an informative programme which has certainly put things into perspective for me. Chris is fab so welcoming and really made me feel at ease from the start and comfortable at all times especially broaching some difficult subjects which made me feel emotional at times.

I will be going home and apologising to my partner and my kids. I don't expect them to forgive me and realise that I will have a long way to go but I will try my best to undo the damage I have done. Thank you

I never saw myself as one of those men - how stupid was I 

So glad I attended with my partner, wow how much have I learned. I often wondered how I ended up here now I know and have knowledge 

Thank you for the programme. I am not going to stop here I am going to continue to work on my behaviour, before I even think about being in any relationship.

Very emotional to hear how my behaviour was shaping the future of my children. Very powerful 

I blamed social workers for removing my children I blamed her for having me thrown out I blamed the police for arresting me. I blamed her friends for putting ideas into her head. I blamed her family because they never liked me.  I blamed everyone except the person whose fault it was ME
Just wanted to say thank you for the training, it was life changing.

Thank you also for accepting me at short notice, I will read and re-read and change.