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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Feedback for Facilitator Training Birmingham from Teachers and Head Teachers


Trainer Clare Walker thank you An absolute eye opener!! Very empowering! Go on the training!! Thank you! Teachers Assistant

This was an emotional journey which has made an impact on my life and role as a TA, working with parents and others. To be able to do a program to help others in gaining knowledge and knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel and to give an impact on others. Teachers Assistant

It is an eye opener. Everyone should do it. Recommend early intervention such as trying to get into primary school. This has encouraged me to go out and promote FP to everyone and do what i can to support women. would like to encourage a network. Family Support Worker

Fantastic, amazing, inspiring, uplifting, educational, heartbreaking, yet so incredibly knowledgeable and honest. Thank you again, may god bless you for your great work x. Outreach Worker

Life changing experience, and an eye opener. Family Support Worker

Most definitely, it has been such an eye enlightening journey. The fact that Clare had so many 1st hand experiences and scenarios that brought things alive really brought home the key messages. Thanks for the privilege of attending this course. Head Teacher

Excellent program- learn about DV how individual can dominate through strength, role etc. life changing experience for ladies + men. Safeguarding

Its informing and enables all staff working with people, both young and old know how to support. As an educator, it enables one to understand youngsters going through an abusive term and empowers one to be able to give appropriate support. Deputy Head Teacher

How empowering the course is. How much it can help/ support our moms and their children. How much ladies can gain from taking part in the course. Fantastic. Family Support Worker

Go on the training! Book a place now! Its life changing! Everyone should/ needs to do the course! Family support It was very good, I will tell them to attend. Unknown

I would strongly recommend them to take part in the course as it gives you a clear knowledge on domestic violence and equips you as a facilitator to pass on skills for victims to recognize this. The course is flexible enough to allow you to not make heavy judgments on whether it is happening or not. Thank you xxx Family Support Worker

Yes, work for Walsall Council part time, hope to introduce to children from a targeted group I work with. Senior Family Support Worker It is a very wonderful, eye opening course. It empowers you to work to make a difference to women/men in this situation. Clare was amazing! Teachers Assistant

Its great, it will improve awareness and insight and help parents to make choices to positively improve well being of families. Family support worker/ Lead Father’s Work Coordinator

I would explain how good this program is. I would talk about my experience in this program. I would really persuade them to ask more questions about what it is about etc. Language Support Assistant