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Friday 16 January 2015

Feedback from facilitator training in Northamptonshire January 2015


Although the subject of the training was a difficult subject, I really enjoyed it and found it a positive experience. I am now looking forward to going out into the big wide world of Daventry and facilitating the Freedom Programme. Family Support Worker-

Informative and powerful programme. Children’s Services Practitioner-

Clare is very realistic, knowledgeable, fair and non-judgmental in this training. Gives real life experiences, factual and the way she passes on her knowledge is through group discussions, to help us express our views and learn, and through fun activities. Thank you Clare. Family Support Practitioner-

Informative, eye- opening and READ THE BOOK! Family Support Worker-

Very inspiring course that has made me more aware of domestic violence and given me the confidence to support others I would recommend this course to everyone working with children or families, particularly social workers. Family Support Worker-

Very informative, changed some of my views in an informal and sometimes fun environment. Family Support Worker-

Informative and thought provoking training that will have a significant impact on my work with children and families. This should be MANDATORY training for police, GPs, Teachers, Children’s Centres, Health Visitors, Social Workers and definitely be delivered to teenagers as part of sex and relationship education in schools. Children’s Services Practitioner-

Really eye-opening and interesting. Moving. Empowering. Funny. Family Support Worker-

The training was fun, informative, educational and increased my skills. Thoroughly recommended. Family Support Practitioner-

Excellent course, very informative, very helpful to my job role. Facilitator very knowledgeable and made everyone feel very welcome and relaxed. Would recommend. Family Support Worker-

Very informative, it makes you have a better understanding of domestic abuse and the effects on the female and her children and understanding the dominator beliefs and where these come from e.g. media. Support Worker- Karen.

This training was very informative. It was delivered well, which made everyone feel relaxed and able to learn and participate. Good recourses (books) received. Thanks Clare ☺ excellent course. Family Support Worker-

I was really anxious about attending the training due to past childhood experiences. I'm really glad I faced my anxiety and attended. Not only do I have answers to my own questions that I didn't know I had, I also feel I'm more beneficial to my service users. Thank you Clare for your knowledge. Children’s Services Practitioner-

Every woman needs to go on this training to raise awareness and empower us as women. Family Support Worker-

Very informative. Opportunities to reflect. I have a greater understanding of what constitutes as domestic abuse and tactics used. It was well presented. Positive experience. Family Support Worker-

It’s a great opportunity to look and discuss what a 'dominator' is and how to recognise the warning signs. A serious subject but that Clare dealt with in an informative and sometimes humorous way without it becoming offensive. Clare is a good trainer with lots of information and plenty of experience. Family Support Worker-