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Friday 16 January 2015

Feedback from Facilitator training Northamptonshire. December 2104


Very eye opening and humbling. You go in as a professional thinking you know lots about the topic and it gives you so much knowledge and good practice to take away. Clare is a good facilitator she tells you like it is and that's nice to see. Would 100% recommend it. Family Support Worker-

It was very thought provoking and gave me a better understanding of the tactics used by a perpetrator. I am looking forward to putting the training into practice and delivering the freedom programme Domestic Abuse Prevention Worker-

This training is the most one of the most informative and honest I've been on. I would recommend anyone to do this so they can identify traits of the dominator, its useful in everyday life. Clare is inspirational and really understands the effects this has on people. Family Worker-

It was really insightful. Clare totally new her stuff and was very interesting to listen to and clearly is very passionate about making a difference to women suffering DA. She knew her topic well and was very supportive of the group of trainees. Domestic Abuse Prevention Worker-

Its powerful and inspiring training, opens up your eyes to the full impact of Domestic abuse. Family Worker-

Excellent training which covered all areas of the dominator in good detail. Mixture of whole group activities and small group work which helped to reinforce the programme and gives more confidence in being able to deliver it to users. Centre Service Lead-

This training is excellent to enhance your knowledge of domestic abuse and give you the tools and confidence to deliver the programme to service users. I would recommend this training to colleagues. Domestic Abuse Practitioner-

The course is very relevant to our roles within refuge and helps expand our understanding of domestic abuse/violence and impacts. I am better equipped to support clients emotionally and help them to develop an understanding of the abuse they have suffered. Domestic Abuse Intervention practitioner -

This training was very interesting. It was insightful into the minds and actions of a dominator. It enabled me why abuse happens and the cycle of abuse. I found inspiring as well as upsetting in parts, especially the effects DA has on children. It has made me more aware of the problems and help me in my role in how to support women and children in this position. Childrens Services Lead-

Enlightening- Honest training. Provides the right amount of information and a good balance of group work and individual participation. Hard going in some places- Highlighted areas I hadn't previously considered. Coordinator-

Clare was an excellent trainer who brought the group together. She understood the needs of the group and delivered the training at the appropriate level. She was very knowledgeable about the subject and was very clear about her work and role in enabling women to make changes. Children’s Services Lead-

Gives a safe and structured insight into the world of domestic violence, whilst teaching about the practises to look for and things that can be identified in relationships. Good training and everyone should be encouraged to attend a freedom programme. Domestic Abuse Practitioner-

Yes, I learnt so much from this training for my work role but also on a personal level. I would recommend this training to everyone. Unless more people do this and facilitate it then more women are going to suffer or worse die. The word needs to be spread. Family Support-

Excellent training highlighting through discussion, the traits of the perpetrator. empowering women, hard hitting facts that reinforce my beliefs that no human should have to experience DV. Centre Service Lead-

Its a vital course to learn about the skills to provide women with knowledge to empower themselves and in some cases that will ultimately save their lives. unknown-

The training has been very insightful and informative. Clare has shared her experiences, professionally and personally, made everyone feel at ease to share their thoughts and opinions and ask questions. I have learnt a lot from this training and am very grateful to have had such a great facilitator. Thanks Family Worker-