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Friday 8 May 2015



Very Helpful and thought provoking
Makes you question yourself and address things you may have done
Only a 2 day course but very intense and helpful
I will go from here still thinking and reverting back to things we have discussed and dealt with
This was only two days but could potentially last a lifetime in a positive way

I found the course to be helpful in understanding better my abusive behaviour and the mechanics of it.  The facilitator was helpful, non- judgemental and precise.
I believe the course should be made more widely available as domestic abuse seems to be more in the public eye.  Better to work this way working with the cause and not the end result is clearly the way forward. Thanks for your help and showing me I can improve my behaviour.

I really found this programme helpful. It has certainly opened my eyes about my abusive behaviour. Everyone was open about all issues of abusive behaviour. I know in my own mind I will not be an abuser again. Thanks to everyone involved in the programme.

I was a woman on the course, I attended with my partner. The course has helped to reinforce the lessons he has learned and the changes he has made to his beliefs and behaviour.  Chris was very good at helping the men challenge their beliefs. Course was emotional but helpful.  Raises lots of questions.

'You sent him back a changed man. He apologised to our teenage daughter!' Feedback from a female partner

I have got a lot out of this course, seeing things I do to my partner without noticing it myself. I leave this course knowing a lot more about why I do things and seeing myself in the characters involved.

I found the course revealing mostly concerning my behaviour and understanding it.  I feel I have now taken responsibility for the changes I need to make in order to move on.

I am under no illusion that it will be an ongoing process for the rest of my life.  The skill and non-judgemental attitude of Chris Ashton’s conduct of the course was all inspiring for me to embrace the change needed and to truly respect and love my wife unconditionally.

So glad we attended the Freedom course together, has definitely been good for my husband to see everything through my eyes and put himself into my place in all the awful situations that we have been through. I know it has given him an understanding as to why he behaves in such a way and made him take a deeper look into the person he is without using excuses for his behaviour.
I can only thank you for organising a joint group session for us and believe it has enlightened our relationship to make the changes and improvements necessary for a better life together.

The programme is such an ideal realisation of how responsible I have been for the whole way my family has functioned. It is hard to believe. I now accept more responsibility than I did before the course.  I have taken so much away with me.

I thought the course hit home with a lot of stuff that I had been though in my relationship
Everybody knew it was toxic but me. This course has made me realise there were a lot of things wrong Chris broke it all down so that I could understand how wrong I had been. Thanks Chris

Great opportunity to understand my own behaviour and start improving my family life.

Look forward to seeing if the information gained has an effect on my husband and my home life.  Just after the first day, the relationship felt more positive

Helped me to put all my hurt and confused thoughts and feelings into some sort of structure.  Has armed me with information to assess my partners behaviour and make decisions to improve my future.
Meeting other women in similar situations helped me clarify my thoughts too, and to know that I wasn’t imagining things and that domestic abuse, even if non-violent is unacceptable.

Chris (and her team if you call the helpline) are great. Passionate and dedicated. The course can be really hard going – emotionally and very thought provoking, disturbing even.

Advise for anyone looking to do the course- do the coursework to get full benefit. Take your time and di it bit by bit. It’s tough at times, but do it and think about it. Remember there is an answer and you can hope but you have to be open and honest. It’s totally transformed my perspective on and understanding of abuse.