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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Do it!!
Child Protection Key Worker- 

They need to attend!
Parent Support Advisor- 

Very eye opening and informative, understanding the aspects of the dominator and why they behave in such a way. I have learnt that historically women are seen as inferior and that message is still today a matter of concern.
Family Support Worker- 

That everyone I met was lovely and that Clare addressed all questions directed at her.
Project Worker- 

How empowering it is, gaining knowledge to support other women experiencing DV.
Senior Family Worker-

That it will support working with families, increasing your understanding about victims experiences and what their lives may be like.  Why they may not be engaging, insight into the beliefs of the male parents we may be working with and again informing our support for families.
Family Support Outreach Worker- 

Yes definitely- really insightful, gave me ability to reflect on my practise and make changes (this also applies on a personal level). Would feel more confident to challenge poor practise.
Family Support Worker- 

Great opportunity to understand the cycle of abusive relationships, to answer why victims stay in this situation, understand the effects on the victims, their children and society. Excellent programme, brilliant facilitator, experienced, open, friendly, inspiring and warm!!!

It helps you become more knowledgeable and informative of DA. It also helps you to share this knowledge with victims of DA and will help give them the choice to leave with support.
Family Support Worker- 

Its informative and helpful!!  Would tell people to attend!!
Parent And Pupil Support- 
Everyone need to attend, it’s a real eye opener. You learn so much about the different personas the dominator may display.
Family Support Worker- 

I would recommend this training to my colleagues, it give you a greater insight into why thing to need to change. When we work with women and mums in general we will look at the while situation with fresh eyes.   
Family Support Worker- 

The training is informative and I can now see the huge gap in services provided for women who experience DV. This training is very useful for any professional working in this field.
Senior Family Support Worker – 

Thoroughly recommended, informative, I insightful, educational, motivational l and not for the faint hearted. 
Smart skills Tutor- 

Brilliantly valuable training, effective in explaining, outlining and tackling sensitive issues of DA. Fantastic way of sharing knowledge and experience in a safe and respected environment, brilliant facilitator in Clare walker.
Family Support Worker-

The training is excellent and gives you a broad understanding of the dominator and how hard it is for victims to leave this kind of relationship especially without support.
Housing and Probation key Worker – 

That it enables you to be clearer on identifying every aspect of a dominator. It also enables you to put yourself in the mind-set of a victim.
Family Support Worker –

Do the training, everyone should be aware of the freedom programme and tactics of the dominator. Make men and women aware of Mr and Mrs Dominator and encourage them to attend a freedom programme to increaser knowledge about behaviours.
Family Practitioner- 

This is a brilliant course. It gives you a clear picture of the dominator. This course will help you to empower women who are or have suffered abuse. 
Outreach Worker-

It was pitched at the right leave and very good tool to use with others.
Senior Family Worker- 

The training enables you to recognise the various types of DA, the effects on women and children and works the manual to empower women. To recognise the abuse they are suffering, it is useful training that will make a huge difference to the lives of women and children. 
Family Support Worker- 

DA is more than the odd slap. The training gives you an insight as to why dominators think its ok to abuse others and helps you to understand why it not as easy as just walking out or ending a relationship.
Learning and Development Manager-

Effective, practical experience at facilitating, time to evaluate own /societies’ core beliefs which may make DA seem ok. Reflective training which doesn’t discriminate between male, female, victims and perpetrator.
Children’s Centre Support Worker- 

Gives a useful basis to be able to work with women experiencing domestic abuse.