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Monday 30 November 2015


Its amazing!
Safeguarding Officer

Would recommend this to help others if they are in a difficult domestic abuse situation.
Teaching Assistant

Very challenging but enlightening and would strongly recommend.
Social worker

Absolutely, the more information out there the better. 
Social Care Worker

Valuable training
Social Worker

Clare is a sensitive and empathic facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. She is motivational and inspiring.

It is in depth and informative.
Out of Hours Worker

The training is a must!
Social Worker

Excellent course. Trainer was fantastic- enjoyed all 3 days and feel confident in Delivering the Freedom Programme.
Family Support

Insightful, a chance to network and share knowledge and experiences with other officials. It all makes sense!! When dealing with families and being able to identify behaviours and the impact on the family. Training was excellent!! Thank You!
Family Support Worker

I would recommend they attend the training and to have a look on the website. I believe it should be taught in secondary schools and more widely explored in parenting classes.
Health Visitor

I would recommend this training to all social workers in my team. It is extremely informative and provides a safe and relevant environment to explore all of the issues of practice facilitating the course.
Practice Leader

Very clear ad well thought out, thorough grounding in The Freedom Programme.
Family Support Worker

Informative! About awareness/ re-framing thinking clever approach- I/we used statements from the perspective of women/perpetrator/women and men in society. Supportive group- great knowledgeable facilitator.
Family Support

I have learnt more and I have challenged myself! I want to take the experience into my work practice and develop school partnerships working with children and young people. Particularly the effects and impacts.

I felt empowered, I feel that I will be able to Deliver this training and empower other women.
Mental Health Nurse

Definitely Worth 3 days of your life!!
Nurture TA & Safeguarding Team

All the DASW should do this training as its so very useful. Helpful with all areas of support work!
Domestic Abuse Support Worker

The training is essential when working with and supporting women and young people who are in or have experienced abusive relationships. Clare is inspirational in sharing experiences and teaching The Freedom Programme. Thank you very much!!
Family Support Worker

YES!!! - Really life changing information!!
Senior Family Support Worker

Gives you a really good understanding of what domestic abuse is- what the tactics are and how life would be without a dominator. Definitely worth doing!
Family Support Worker

This is a valuable tool that will enable you to share with service users in order for them to gain knowledge and understanding that their situation can change.
Social Worker

Clare is an inspirational training facilitator. She is captivating in her delivery and uses her vast knowledge, experience and humor in an extremely engaging way. There was never a dull moment- though a heavy subject! Having fun and sharing our experiences has really helped to boost my confidence in an area I was feeling very unsure and in the dark about. Thank you Clare!
Outreach Support Worker

It is really useful training in particular the affects on children. It is beneficial to know the tactics and how this affects womens behaviour.
Family Support Worker

The training will give you a very good understanding of the dynamics and effects of Domestic Abuse.
Team Leader Support & Outreach

That although it is a heavy subject, it is paced well and is so interesting that it is enjoyable. Thank you! I look forward to being able to put what I have learnt into practice with my vulnerable client group, enabling them to independence. I can now see that those living in abusive relationships can protect their children and themselves by their actions and then overcome their situations, as some people from the training group disclosed about themselves.
Health Visitor

It is essential to their understanding of the dynamics of Domestic Abuse and the detailed effects.
Company Director

This training challenges perceptions and increases your awareness of domestic abuse.
Support Worker

The manner in which the course is delivered is outstanding. It enables you to be able to be equipped and deliver The Freedom Programme to support and empower women.