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Wednesday 6 January 2016



From our wonderful Clare Walker

Q: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training..?”

How valuable it is for both the participant and women you work with. How important the support is and valuable. If we only impact on one other person as a result we are supporting and educating against DA.
Community Support Development Worker

I would state that the training is intense and delivered by a very confident and knowledgeable facilitator. The information that has been gained by attending the programme will catastrophically change my practice going forward. I will also endeavour to raise more awareness of DA as a whole!
Childrens Centre BFC

To come and listen as its an eye opener for your own life and professional life too. Very in depth training. It was great taking part in group discussions and learning from each other. The trainer had a wealth of knowledge and made us feel very at ease. Very much appreciated!
 FIT Worker

I would advise to complete this training as content is valuable on 1-1 work as well as group work. I will be sharing with my son as I need to ensure that he is neither the perpetrator nor the victim of domestic abuse
Family Intervention Keyworker

It gives you an in depth knowledge about DA, the different types and forms, lots of info on how to safely and sensitively deliver The Freedom Programme.
Project Worker

It was really useful and enlightening. No matter what level of previous experience you have. I think all professionals working with families should have an awareness of The Freedom Programme.

How much I learned about the different forms of DA and how devious perpetrators can be.
Family Support Outreach Worker

Yes I would definitely recommend to all my colleagues. This training certainly made me think more about each characteristic and the motives and behaviour. I can confidently say that I now understand being a perpetrator of DA is a choice, and not down to mental health issues.
Family Intervention Keyworker

Its an eye opener. I have learned so much more from attending the training with regards to DA. Its in depth, makes it real to hear stories and accounts. Its useful to learn about tactics of perpetrators so we, as professionals, can support our service users to the best of our ability.
Senior Project Worker

Invaluable if you want to really gain a deep understanding of what makes a dominator and why women can be dominated.
Family Outreach Worker

Fantastic and informative. Ive learned so much about helping families who are living with a dominator.
Family Support Advisor

Well worth attending even if you think you know ‘living with the dominator’ you will certainly gain further insight, confidence and the ability to keep women safe!
Family Worker