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Sunday 4 November 2012

Freedom Programme Training Opportunity

Training opportunity
Dear Colleagues
I am inviting all trained facilitators to PROVIDE short training events to professionals.
1. Introduction to the Home Study Course.
The training consists of the first session of the Freedom Programme.
The trainers can charge £45.00 per place. The price includes a copy of ‘Living with the Dominator’ and ‘The Freedom Programme Home Study Course’. The trainers can buy 50 or more of these publications from me for £5.00 per copy plus p&p. The trainers can then inform their trainees that they too can buy these publications either from Amazon or in large quantities directly from me.
2.The Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children.
This training consists of the session which deals with the effects of abuse on children. The price can also be £45.00 per place. This training includes the book‘Freedom’s Flowers’ which are provided in the same terms as the Introduction training.
I will advertise all facilitators who provide this service in the ‘Facilitators for hire’ section on my web site. This offer is only available to facilitators who have been trained by me.