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Thursday 8 November 2012

WAVE Centre training

Freedom Program Training for Professional's


This two hour training session gives professionals an overview of the Freedom Programme and qualifies practitioners to work through the home study course on a one to one basis with clients.


Course Costs £45 per person

Attendees will receive a copy of the Living with the Dominator book and a copy of the Freedom Program Home Study Course.

The course is for:

·                     Anyone who comes into contact with victims of abuse

·                     Professionals who are making referrals to the Freedom Program and want to understand what the programme entails.

·                     Support workers wanting to use the home study course on a one to one with clients.

·                     Professionals keen to understand the dynamics of domestic abuse and how that impacts on children

What is the Freedom Programme?

The Freedom Programme is a 12 week support group for women. It operates as a rolling programme which means referrals can be made at any point. The benefits are the same as long as clients complete 12 weeks.

Who is it for?

The Freedom Programme is open to any woman who wishes to learn more about the reality of domestic abuse, whether she is in or has left an abusive relationship, including women who have no plan to leave their partner.

What are its aims?

·         To help women to understand the beliefs held by abusive men and in so doing, recognise which of these beliefs they have shared.

·         To show the effects of domestic abuse on children

·         To help women to recognise potential future abusers

·         To help women to regain self esteem and the confidence to improve the quality of their lives

·         To introduce women to community resources and support groups

Where is it?

The Freedom Programme is run from several venues across Wigan and Leigh. All courses are open to women from any area. All programmes are free.

How do I make a referral

Contact WAVE 01942 262290