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Friday, 11 July 2014

New Domestic Abuse Services Wigan

 New Domestic Abuse Services

An Introduction to the Independent Domestic Abuse Centre
The Independent Domestic Abuse Centre (IDAC) is a new Borough wide service designed
to reduce the level of domestic abuse and improve the safety of victims and their families.
By providing an outreach service in all localities we aim to reduce the number of high
risk cases and cases where people are forced to flee.
IDAC will provide the following services throughout the Borough
The Freedom Programme
Training Packages for Professionals
Support for Children and Young People
Programmes for Abusers
One to One Support to Victims of Abuse
24 hour Helpline
Our staff are currently visiting groups and
organisations in the Borough.
Book us now to attend your next staff meeting
and find out more about our work.
 The IDAC Team
Tel: 24hr 01942 262270
Twitter @IDACNW